Lakeside Cabin Rentals on East Pond

Maine's Best Kept Secret

Camp 1 - The Beach Bungalow

Rental Lake Cabin 1

When Walter and Viola Sadulsky purchased 50 acres of land in Smithfield in 1948 it came with a path down to East Pond and one structure which was a boathouse. Enterprising as they were, they purchased several wooden rowboats and charged patrons to go fishing and picnicking. Soon a devoted fisherman asked to stay the night in the boathouse to fish another day.

With that request a light dawned! The very next year the boathouse became Camp 1, The Beach Bungalow. This cottage underwent several additions starting with a porch, which became part of the living room and yet another porch as well as inside plumbing. No one seemed to miss the outhouse.

Some folks find the numbering confusing but it seemed logical to Walter and Vi to number them as they were built.

Queen Bedroom
2 Twin Beds
Living Room
Front Porch


Been going for 22 years at the same time with the same people. The cabins are comfortable, the sunsets are spectacular and the owners are easy to work with.
-- Janet B.